• Sparkling & White Wine

Sparkling & White Wine

Sparkling & White Wine Label Collection a collection which includes a spectacular series of papers for manufacturing labels for white and sparkling wines, exclusively designed to be resistant in extremely humid environments. This singular range of papers has a large variety of designs, all of which have a special treatment (Ultra WS), which ensures the label's design is unchanged despite coming into contact with water during a long period of time.


Rita Rivotti, one of the most recognised designers specialised in wine branding design, explained to us that it was precisely the distinctive features of this water resistant paper which was inspired by the sea. Rita Rivotti has developed a new original and unique label collection, which has been published this March.

An excellent and exquisite collection inspired by the immensity of the ocean where beings such as snails, fish, shells and mermaids establish an eternal dialogue between wine and the ocean.

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