The future of our industry depends on the management and protection of the environment and natural resources. The environment is absolutely crucial for the way we conduct business at Arconvert S.A, influencing every part of our operations.

 FEDRIGONI S.p.A has for many years been committed to increasing the range of papers which have the Chain of Custody FSC™ symbol and the majority of their products are currently FSC™ certified.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an international non-governmental organisation, founded by a group of environmental associations, indigenous communities and the forestry industry, with the common objective of improving forestry management through practical support and socially and economically sustainable policies.

 In order to achieve this certificate, the product must guarantee the chain of custody (traceability), which means being able to identify the forest where the wood came from and each stage of its use, particularly in the stages from its production to its final use.

The products with FSC™  and/or PEFC certification are clearly distinguishable
from the rest:

- the product code starts with the letter "C"

- in the product description, FSC™  and/or PEFC are mentioned.